Video Swinger

Create own homemade swingers videos

homemade adult photoWhy is it that everything that is homemade is just so much better? From homemade cookies to homemade cards and definitely swingers videos; it just tastes and looks so much better. For members of it is also more real to watch a homemade swingers video than to pay for a professional made video. It's also very interactive to take part in video swinging where you take turns in uploading your own video.

If you are new to and don't know where to start then sign up as a classic member for free. You can now browse as many video profiles as you want and see for yourself what homemade swingers videos are out there. Once you feel comfortable you can use our unique recording system to create your own homemade video. Make it fun by including props and background music. You don't have to plan what you are going to do beforehand, just improvise and go with the flow. Before you know it you will be getting offers to become a famous porn star!

A few great role play ideas for your homemade swingers video is playing president and naughty secretary; patient and nurse; Police cop and criminal (remember your handcuffs); School teacher and learner; Cowboy and maiden; Princess and slave… you get the idea.

The most popular locations for homemade videos are: in the bedroom, on the dining room table, on the tumble dryer (that will have to be a silent movie with all the noise), in the swimming pool, in the bathtub and in the backseat of your car.

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